Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 1: Introduction

Introducing Strange Happenings.

This was our first episode. We were using a free recording software. The audio quality reflects that. Feel free to skip to episode 2 where the quality is much MUCH better. Thanks for your patience!

Welcome to our fist official episode!
In this episode:

Todd Covers: Burnt House, West Virginia. Illegal slavery, fires, and the spirits of slain slaves.

Bill Covers: The Loveland Frogs. A quirky cryptic sighting in Loveland, Ohio. Magic frogs? You bet.

Jamie Covers: The Crenshaw House. Jon Crenshaw was part of what was knows as the Reverse Underground Railroad. Kidnapping and reselling slaves and free people. Murders and ghosts abound here.

John Covers: The Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center. Ghosts peer out from windows and doorways. Body parts found in old freezers. This is one of Southern California’s most haunted hospitals.

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